First Aid Policy

First Aid Policy and Procedure

Enrolment Forms:

  • On our School’s Enrolment Form, Parents are requested to inform the school of any medical condition or allergy from which their child may suffer. Relevant information is retained in the Office and by the Class Teacher. (See also Policy on the Administration of Medicine)
  • Parents are also asked whether the school has their permission to administer basic first aid to the child in the event of a minor accident.

Basic First Aid:

  • Only very basic first aid is administered by the school.
  • Cleansing of a minor cut.
  • The use of an ice-pack or cold object in the event of a bump.
  • Basic first aid is usually administered by a child’s Class Teacher, by the School Secretary or by a Special Needs Assistant.
  • Staff are advised to wear disposable surgical gloves when applying first aid. 

Procedure on Yard Duty:

  • Most incidents requiring first aid occur in the school yard, where children may have a fall or a collision. The Teachers on yard duty decide whether the child requires first aid attention. If so the child is sent with an S.N.A. to the office, where he /she is looked after.  (In the event of a more serious accident, the School’s Accident Policy is followed).
  • If an asthmatic child requires an inhaler while in the yard, she/he will be permitted to go to the classroom for it, accompanied by an S.N.A.
  • Children in plaster are not generally permitted to be out in the yard unless a parent specifically requests this.
  • Children on crutches are not permitted on the yard. 

Parents contacted:

  • If any concern exists regarding the health of a child in the event of illness or following even a minor accident at school, Parents will be contacted.
  • Parents will be contacted if concern exists following a bang on the head or a sprain.
  • Parents or Guardians will always be contacted immediately in the event of a serious injury.